Frozen Stiff By A Light Watching Me

Frozen Stiff By A Light Watching Me

Date: June 30, 1952

Location: Miami, FL

I was 8 years old and going to sleep in my bed looking out the window, saying my prayers.

I noticed a bright light in the night sky.

I felt like it was watching me.

I could not move as I was scared stiff.

I told my parents about it in the morning, they said I saw the street light.

I remember I had scoop marks all over my arms that itched.

My parents told me it was from mosquitoes and gave me some sulpher soap to wash with.

In 1975 someone called in to a local TV show and reported seeing the same light in the same neighborhood as in 1952.

In 1958 I went camping at Crystal Springs, Florida, and awakened the next morning with scoop marks all over my right elbow.

In 1959 I awakened one morning and had the same marks on my inner thigh.

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