Glowing Metallic Object

Glowing Metallic Object

Date: April 15, 1947

Location: North Of Miami, FL

Heading South on old State Road A1A, my mom pulled onto the beach side.

Day was crystal clear.

No clouds, no birds, no bugs, no boats or planes.

A metallic elliptical shining disk was moving slowly North over the Atlantic.

It was huge, 500' long.

It was higher in the center than at the edges.

No lights, no windows, no moving parts.

I could clearly see where the sunlight was hitting it.

It just stopped in midair as we watched, it remained in the sky against the horizon for 4 minutes.

My mom took 2 polaroid shots.

It shot off still heading North at a speed I can't estimate, if one blinked one would have missed it leaving.

The sunlight was coming from the southwest.

No boats, no whitecaps, and silent.

If I had a schematic facing the East horizon, I would be able to give you clear height, size, angle, and distance perspectives.

It was silent.

My education was going to be at a government school as a spatial engineer.

I came in second in the U.S. in testing at Paul D. Schrieber in Port Washington, NY.

The ship was sloped in design.

We thought it was a mothership.

A1A is now under the Atlantic at the spot we stopped.

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