Saucer With Lights

Saucer With Lights

Date: April 1, 1967

Location: Münchweiler an der Rodalb, Südwestpfalz, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

I was stationed in Münchweiler an der Rodalb, Germany from May of 1965 until May of 1968. At the time I was a cryptographic repairman for NATO’s Central Army Group, Centag. This was the primary reason I did not report the sighting. I was afraid that I would lose my clearance and not be able to work in my field.

I sighted the object when my wife and a married couple stationed in Meunchweiller were on a weekend trip to Frankfurt.

I can’t remember the exact date but it was in the early spring of 1967.

We were on the Autobahn heading north. I was driving, my wife was in the front passenger seat turned to her left talking to the couple in the back seat. I looked to my right through the passenger side window and caught a glimpse of an object in the sky. The terrain on the right side of the auto was a mixture of fields and small patches of evergreen trees. The view was broken from time to time.

At first I thought it was a plane, possibly military.

Then there was an open field with no trees that gave me about a 5 or 6 second uninterrupted view. The object was thin and came to a point on both sides. It was gray semi dull aluminum color. Along the centerline were several bright spots. They radiated an orange/green, iridescent color. It was in a swirling fashion, the colors did not stay in the same spot within the light.

The other passengers were absorbed in a conversation so I tried to view the object as long as I could. The tree line came back and obstructed my vision from time to time. Although at times I could still see it through the trees.

Then a large forest went by and I lost sight of the object completely.

I puzzled over it in my mind while the others were conversing about other things. I am an aircraft fan of sorts, especially WWII. It bothered me that I could not see a vertical stabilizer or a wing root from the perspective that I viewed. At the time I did not consider it to be a possible UFO.

Later on I read an article about UFO’s and saw different impressions. There was one that fit the object I saw exactly. Only a few weeks had expired but then I realized my occupation in the Army. I was not willing to take the chance of losing my security clearance because of the apparent mindset of such claims at the time. Now that the equipment I maintained is totally declassified and you can see them on the internet I wanted to add maybe an insignificant sighting.

Maybe it was seen by someone else at that time and it would help in some way.

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