Light In The Distance Changed Direction

Light In The Distance Changed Direction

Date: June 30, 1954

Location: Methuen, MA

For what it's worth, this happened in 1954, and I was 17 years old.

I was with 2 friends, coming home from somewhere.

One girl lived across the street from me, the other was coming home with me to spend the night.

The night was pleasant, and we dilly dallied as we walked.

Was the time of year it was dark between 8:00 pm and 9:00 p.m.

We were stopped, they were talking.

While I looked up into the sky, and my sight was drawn to a light which, if still, would have looked no different than a star, but it was moving.

So I thought it curious, and watched.

It was moving left to right, or North to South, seemingly very fast, tho i couldn't gauge the distance.

It did seem extremely far out there, not a nearby airplane.

And there was no sound.

For it to be any further away than a local small airplane, meant it was going extremely fast.

I said to my friends:

I think I see a flying saucer.

In those days that's what we called them, not knowing the term UFO.

They told me it was an airplane.

I said it was going too fast to be an airplane.

They said it was a meteor then, I said it wasn't going that fast.

They told me I was not seeing a flying saucer because they do not exist.

I looked away for a while, then looked back up to the area in which I'd seen the light.

It was there, but it had changed directions, and was larger and brighter than an ordinary star.

It was moving more slowly, and instead of moving North to South it was coming westward, at a slower pace.

I said to my friends:

I think it's coming towards us.

They both screamed and ran towards home.

I really wanted to watch to see what the light was going to do, but the told me to come and hurry.

So the girl that was staying overnight and i ran to my house.

But that was not all that happened that night.

I don't know if you want to hear this part.

It involves, not a UFO, but what must have been an abduction.

Myself, I questioned my friend the next morning.

Too afraid to mention it to my mother.

Did I miss out on some activity, or goings on during the night?

Too tired to wake up?" I asked her.

She said:

Not that i know of, I slept well and didn't hear anything.

She was not in my room, but in a spare room during the night.

The things I was remembering involved activity, moving around, and flying in and out of the window.

I didn't want to mention the part about flying to anyone, not even my friend.

This is all I can recall of this event.

I'm 75 now and have had other experiences but this event is the only one in which I may have actually seen a UFO.

I could tell about an alien encounter, but not at this time.

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