Disk Shaped UFO Seen in Messel

Disk Shaped UFO Seen in Messel

Date: March 13, 1982

Location: Messel, Germany

Several 15-17 year olds were on their way to a discotheque in the town of Messel, 12 miles south of the city of Frankfurt.

At approximately 9:10 p.m. they observed 3 groups of lights consisting of 4 round lights flashing in different colors. Each group formed a square of 1.5 diameter at an altitude of about 30.

The first formation moved slowly and then stopped to hover in the air. The second formation displayed a slow movement as well, but the third group flew very fast over these formations and disappeared. After a few seconds the other formations moved away too. At that time the teenagers went into the discotheque.

At about 9:30 p.m. they were called out by friends to see something strange in the sky. A few minutes later all of them observed a bright blue flash coming from the sky like a spotlight. Soon after that, a steel blue luminous disk with a dome on top appeared over the woods about 1000' from where they where standing. It slowly approached the witnesses at very low altitude, a distance of about 300'. Its diameter was about 30' wide. The dome was divided into several multi colored segments.

Inside the dome, something rotated like a beacon. On the edge of the dome the colors yellow, green and red appeared, one after the other. Near the edge of the disk were 4 square white lights arranged at equal distance from each other. On the bottom of the disk a bluish/white light radiated in non regular intervals, creating a cone like shape. After a few seconds the disk started to move in spiral curves down to the ground, it stopped for a moment before it flew away at a steep upward angle. The excited teenagers immediately called the police.

When the police officers arrived the disk could no longer be seen, but several unusual lights over the woods were observed by the police officers, too.

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