On Our Way To Grandfathers Store

On Our Way To Grandfathers Store

Date: July 1, 1953

Location: Merryville, LA

What I am about to report to you has bothered me over all these years.

Here is what we saw:

On a Saturday afternoon about 2:00 p.m. we came out of our home in Merryville, LA. going to my Grandfathers grocery store.

In the group was my mother, 2 sisters and myself who was carrying my younger brother who was a about 18 months old.

As we walked toward the car we heard this loud noise and at first thought it was a train as there is a railroad about 300' from our house.

But as I told my little brother and was looking toward the tracks the noise got louder and we knew that it was not a train but something out in the wooded area in front of our house.

Then this cigar shaped craft, silver in color took off toward the northwest and we watched it till it was out of sight.

We got in the car and went on to the store where we told what we had seen and they all laughted and thought we were just seeing things.

We did see this and I along with my mother, now deceased, sisters always wondered what it was that we saw. It took off like a rocket I would say. If you can enlighten me I would certainly appreciate any info on this sighting even thought it is 69 years late being ask.

The area in front of our home had lots of pine trees and it was a clear day.

Just something that has always bothered me.

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