3 Luminescent Chartreusse Spheres

3 Luminescent Chartreusse Spheres

February 1, 1946

Location: Merced, CA

At Merced Air Corps Field, a big bomber training base in 1946.

I was awaiting points for separation, On or After 4:00 p.m.

I left the barracks, started a shortcut across a field toward the main gate.

By chance, I looked West, Left, and far away, 35 miles or so, a motion in the sky caught my eye.

It was headed southeast ,and moving in an arc in my direction.

It curved East and approached the base.

The arc took it on a path toward me.

By now, I could see 3 spheres, luminescent chartreusse.

They passed about 80° westward over me, arced to the North and quickly disappeared.

I looked around for someone that I could say:

What the Hell was that?

But there was no other person within sight.

The thing that struck me was the absence of any sound.

Also, it was still daylight.

Never heard of UFO or flying saucers until 18 months later.

Then I wondered if that was similar to my sighting.

I haven't talked much about the experience, and you probably know why.

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