We Were Mildly Curious

We Were Mildly Curious

Date: June 15, 1958

Location: Menlo Park, CA

Saw noiseless, extremely low clear light slowly cruise past us and over hills.

One evening, about dusk, in Menlo Park, CA., where we were living at that time.

We were driving South on El Camino Real and were mildly curious, seeing what appeared to be a noiseless aircraft flying.

Very slowly and very low, southward, between us on the ground and the dusky outline of the line of hills to the West called the Skyline.

We didn't think too much about it, after it slowly then flew more westerly and up over the Skyline and disappeared towards the community on the West side of the Skyline called Pescadero.

To our utter surprise, the next morning's newspaper, The San Francisco Chronicle, reported a story about 2 young teenage boys in Pescadero, who that previous evening had been in that town's eastern outskirts, and having a flashlight with them, when they saw a strange object above them, just for fun shone it up at the object and flashed S O S.

Whereupon, that object started to descend right down on top of them, and, scared them shitless, they ran away into the brush and hid.

When they later reported this to authorities, those who came out to check it did find a large burned circle in the grass and brush at the spot the boys described.

We felt that whatever it was there in Pescadero must have been the same curious thing we had seen on the East side of the Skyline, just before whatever the boys saw there in Pescadero.

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