Space Craft Observed On Beach

Space Craft Observed On Beach

Date: Late November - 1951

Location: Pinhal, SŚo Paulo, Brazil

On the night of his arrival, Mendes was alone in his small beach house. The night was very hot, he couldnít sleep and he was nudged by an unexplainable urge to go out and walk on the beach. He continued his efforts to sleep but to no avail and he finally gave in to the urge and at 9:30 p.m., he left the house and went toward the beach.

Almost immediately after going outside, he saw a huge light which he estimated to be about 900' away. He first thought the light was one used by fishermen, then became aware of a strong desire to approach it and found himself walking in its direction.

As Mendes approached the light, he became aware that there was some kind of object resting on the sand, and as he came closer, he realized it was a glowing disk shaped thing. The strange feeling that he had to keep going toward it increased as he drew nearer and then, he saw two figures which came out from behind the craft.

Mendes could not see facial features too clearly because of the brilliance of the light coming from the object behind the forms, but did note that they wore helmets similar to those worn by football players.

At this point, Mr. Mendes felt he should retreat. He was not panicked, not even afraid, he said later, but the strangeness of the situation was unnerving.

Then he began to get the impression that the creatures were communicating with him:

Donít resist because you canít. Itís hopeless, if you doubt us, try to move your body.

Mendes tried to move and found that he was like a statue, completely unable to move.

The men came closer, and that was the last that Mendes recalled. His only memory is a fragmentary one, that something was scratching the skin of his forearm with some kind of instrument.

When Mendes recovered his senses, he was almost at his beach house again. It seemed that he had walked all the way back from the beach area where the craft had been without being aware of it. He looked back to where the object had been, and it was dark. He then looked at the illuminated dial of his watch. It was 11:30 p.m. Two hours had elapsed since he had walked out on the beach in response to an unconquerable urge.

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