Object Was A Glowing Dull Orange Bent Cylinder

Object Was A Glowing Dull Orange Bent Cylinder

Date: June 1, 1956

Location: Memphis, TN

Hovered noiselessly over railroad tracks for a time, then took off straight up.

Object was seen in night sky, in 1956, in Memphis, TN.

Time of year was possibly fall, September/October.

My mother and I witnessed this object hovering in the sky over the nearby railroad tracks.

It appeared to be a dull orangish color, and glowed as if illuminated from within.

I could clearly make out detail on the outside of the object, which was more or less cylindrical in shape, though jointed.

The closest known shape I could describe would be a fire hydrant-like shape.

It hovered soundlessly for a short time, and then took off straight up, very fast.

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