Lights In The Sky

Lights In The Sky

Date: March 12, 1967

Location: McIntosh, SD

Larry Burke, Dick Makens, Junior Edinger, and Charles Warren encountered four unusual lights over the road near McIntosh. Burke initially saw a strange object with red, white, and green flashing lights southwest of McIntosh at 7:15 p.m., then picked up his friends to go with him to investigate. On a country road a mile west of the town they saw four lights low over the road ahead of them.

As they proceeded up a hill, their car engine stopped and, frightened, they coasted backward down the hill. The car started again, and they drove into McIntosh and brought back the sheriff.

Nothing was found, however. The boys disagreed on the altitude, size, and shapes of the lights, but all were in agreement on the color, which they described as fluorescent green.

One of them said he got the feeling that the lights were attached to something huge which was towering over them.

Sheriff Kittleson said that Makens was definitely shaken up when he came into the office to report the incident.

The report was printed in a local paper, and Reverend Terry Nelson came forward and reported that he and others had seen an object with red, white, and green flashing lights flying parallel to the highway between Morristown and McIntosh while on the way to conduct a class in Morristown on the same night.

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