Weather Balloon Trackers See UFO

Weather Balloon Trackers See UFO

Date: February 24, 1950

Location: Albuquerque & Los Alamos, NM

While tracking a weather balloon from atop TWA building at the Municipal Airport, weather observer Luther B. McDonald saw crossing the field of view in the theodolite a white, round object not quite as elongated as an egg, darkened on the top left side, flying straight and level from about 20° to 23° elevation at about 110° azimuth in the East apparently on a trajectory towards them on about a 240° to 270° heading, covering 2° in 90 seconds.

Object’s angular size about that of the upper part of the moon as seen through theodolite, probable 21x telescope sight of David White pibal theodolite.

Lost sight when shifted to weather balloon, and back.

Weather observer Harrison S. Manson also observed object with the naked eye, for about 20 to 30 seconds, appearing to be brilliant white like metal reflecting sunlight the apparent size of a weather balloon about to disappear in the distance, impression of flight heading from eastsoutheast.

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