While On Garage Roof

While On Garage Roof

Date: June 15, 1952

Location: Maywood, CA

I realize this is not current, however I have never read a like description or heard any reports like what I witnessed.

As I would do on hot summer nights, I climbed onto the slant roof over the patio off the back of our garage to get some cool sleep.

I was 12 years old.

Lying there on my back with my eyes looking up over the beautiful sky above I noticed these 7 circular lights about the size of basketballs and yellow/slight orange in color very similar to an orange Moon.

They were absolutely motionless and in formation. The first group of 3 in a V formation and a bit away was a second group of 4 lights in a V formation with the fourth light on the right wing of the V formation. I was able to watch these lights for the better part of 3 to 5 minutes.

Then, as if on a count, all 7 balls of light sped off in 7 different directions leaving a lighted contrail that lasted maybe another 5 seconds.

All 7 lights disappeared, they were gone.

If I had to guess at the altitude I would think about 35,000'.

Wish I had pictures.

I can swear I was not delusional, drunk or having any other stress.

I was very relaxed and wide awake and that's the end of story.

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