UFO Spotted By The Navy Over The Atlantic

UFO Spotted By The Navy Over The Atlantic

Date: 1972

Location: Somewhere on the Atlantic Ocean

I was on duty as the Master At Arms that night we were on the Atlantic ocean coming home to Mayport.

The ship was stationed out of Mayport, FL.

Our after lookout spotted something in the sky behind the ship and reported to the bridge to the Officer of the Day.

He asked Combat Information Center if they had anything on their radar and they said no, so the after lookout was very sacred, so the Officer of the Day sent me back to check out on what the after lookout was looking at.

So I went to find out.

I had to hunt for the after lookout because he was hiding from the thing in the sky, so I found him and asked him what is all this about, and he showed me by pointing at it.

It was a disk flying saucer.

Then I asked him for the sound power phones we use for the lookouts on watch.

I asked to speak to the Officer of the Day, and I told him what I am looking at and he said wait.

Next thing I knew the Executive Officer showed up back there where I was, and the after lookout was standing.

I showed the Executive Officer where to look and he saw the same thing both of us saw.

He asked for the sound power phones and told the Officer of the Day to get the Commanding Officer, and he came back there to see what us 3 were talking about.

He did see it for himself and he got in touch with Combat Information Center to see if they have anything on the radar and Combat Information Center said no, they didn't, and asked them why they didn't and he went to Combat Information Center to check it out for himself.

He came back to us and said that there was nothing on the radar.

So I knew that it was a UFO for real. Yes, I do believe in UFOs.

Next thing I knew the spook team came back there with high power cameras and next thing a lot of the crew came back there with their cameras, but when we pulled into Mayport and tied out to the pier.

Men in black suits came on board and collected all the cameras from the crew and the spook team, and a lot of us were interrogated on what we seen out at sea.

To whom it may concern, I still remember that night, I was 25 years old at that time now I am 64 years old.

I was at that time a gunnersmate third class, Master At Arms.

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