My Kite Got Tangled

My Kite Got Tangled

Date: 1934

Location: Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

Juan Rivera Feliberti was flying a kite in a field outside of town when suddenly he felt something pulling on the kite, looking up he now could see a silvery sphere, about 20' in diameter, hovering over him.

A beam of light was directed at the witness from the sphere.

Juan then floated up and entered the sphere through an opening on its top.

Inside he saw a man wearing a dark green tight fitting outfit sitting at a control panel, which had a shiny crystal resembling an emerald.

Next to him stood a blonde girl with rosy skin and wearing a silvery outfit, she looked very young. She was holding Juan's kite.

He was then taken into another room by the girl and shown a box that emitted certain images.

He attempted to get his kite back but was unable to.

The little girl then showed the witness a little box, full of colored buttons and asked him if he wanted to play with it.

The girl then pressed some buttons on the box and a cloud of spiraling smoke came out. The smoke took the form of a monkey like creature, soon several monkeys had come out of the box.

The girl then asked Juan if he wanted to trade the kite for the box, and he agreed.

He was finally returned at the same spot from where he was picked up, he twisted an ankle in the process.

According to Juan he kept the strange box for a long time, and even entertained friends with the monkey trick.

Oddly enough, adults could not see the monkeys, only the children.

In the end the monkeys caused him great problems because he could not control them and later he ended up burying the box on a nearby mountain.

However he feels that some of the monkey like creatures had escaped and are probably still roaming the Puerto Rican brush.

In later life, according to Juan Rivera, he had other strange experiences, including encounters with alien women who enticed him to making love with them.

Juan also claims to have received a telepathic message during one of his encounters:

The hour of the new harvest is approaching. Unsure as to what the meaning is.

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