Object Zig Zags With Bursts Of Speed

Object Zig Zags With Bursts Of Speed

Date: June 28, 1947

Location: Maxwell Field, Montgomery, AL

Capt. Wilson H. Kayko, Capt. John H. Cantrell, 1st Lt. Theodore Dewey, & Capt. Redman, observed a brilliant light to the west above the horizon traveling to the east at a high rate of speed.

The object appeared to be at a high altitude and traveled with frequent bursts of speed in a zig zag course. It continued until it was directly overhead and changed course 90º to the south.

After traveling in the above manner for approximately 5 minutes it turned southwest and was lost from sight in the brilliancy of the moon.

Two of the observers are rated pilots and the other two are air intelligence officers.

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