Hunting With Dad

Hunting With Dad

Date: October 15, 1953

Location: Mauriceville, TX

My father was a World War II Vet, and loved hunting.

The year was around 1953.

We lived in a town of 300 people in southeast Texas.

Dad would take me at times with him to hunt.

We were in the woods fall or winter time all the trees were bare leaves on the ground.

A round silver object thing was close to a cloud.

If it was under the cloud it wouldn't be seen because of the color.

It was silver and round in shape.

My Dad & I watched it for maybe 5 minutes, it was not moving.

When it moved it went in stair step movements maybe 3 jerks like moving side ways up 3 long stair steps to the right, westward.

Probably took a second to make the step like movements upwards angle with, no sound that we could hear, to disappear.

Dad looked down at me and said:

Dont ever tell anyone what you saw because they will think your crazy.

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