Couple Observes UFO, Entities & Trace Evidence

Couple Observes UFO, Entities & Trace Evidence

Date: October 6, 1974

Location: St. Matthias, Quebec, Canada

At 12:45 a.m. Mr. and Mrs. John K. Doe took a walk near their home to get some fresh air before retiring.

Mrs. Doe noticed a bright spotlight on their farmland about 1650' from their house. She pointed it out to her husband, saying: Look over there, somebody seems to be searching for something.

Her husband said it was probably the police chasing cattle thieves, since the price of beef went up in 1973, there had been some cattle thievery in the area.

The next morning, the Doe's had workers at their home to install a new wrought iron balustrade in the rear of their house.

Mr. Doe was helping to install the connection of a welding machine in the basement and Mrs. Doe was busy washing clothes. At 11:45 a.m., Mrs. Doe took some laundry out to hang on the clothesline. While hanging the clothes, she noted heavy dark smoke rising into the sky from approximately the same location where they had seen the spotlight earlier that morning. Several neighbors later confirmed having seen the smoke in that area, at that time. Mrs. Doe described the smoke as similar to that given off by burning rubber tires. An investigator doubts that the smoke had anything to do with the first sighting or what transpired later.

The smoke lasted approximately thirty minutes. No fire was seen and Mrs. Doe was astonished because, to her knowledge, there was nothing in the field which could burn, as the ground was still wet from the rainfall, the preceding Friday.

While watching the smoke, Mr. and Mrs. Doe saw what they described as a dome shaped tent of orange yellow color about the same 1650' distance from their house as the spotlight seen earlier. Out of this tent, which the Doe's estimated to be 75' in diameter, came what the Rs described as a bulldozer which was approximately one quarter the size of the larger object. The smaller object moved 200' away from the large object, became stationary, then went out of sight toward a spring, disappearing from sight behind a slope.

Before the smaller object left, out from the big tent emerged what Mr. and Mrs. Doe described as five scouts of small stature dressed in bright, yellow colored clothing much brighter than the clothing of highway workers. They appeared to be very busy running between the large object and the smaller one. Mrs. Doe said they had some sort of helmets on their heads and that because of the high grass, only the upper part of their bodies could be seen. The movement of their arms were clearly observed, however. No windows or doors were noted on the objects, and the outlines were not sharp and were somewhat hazy.

The investigator noted:

It seems incredible but nobody asked himself what was going on. The workers installing the balustrade did not notice the UFO, nor did the Doe's call their attention to it. They continued their normal business, and after returning to the observation spot, found everything the large object and the five scouts gone. They wondered how this could have happened without the object and scouts passing close to the house.

Mr. and Mrs. Doe’s daughter arrived home at noon, and upon hearing what her parents saw, she immediately visited the area where the objects were seen and found a straight track of flattened grass about 6" wide leading to the spring. Where the largest UFO had been located, the grass was flattened and discolored, and three imprints arranged in a triangular pattern were found, each of which measured 1' 10" by 1' 3". These impressions were exactly 34' apart.

On Sunday, November 4, 1974 and again on Sunday, November 11, An investigator visited the site and verified the existence of the 6" wide track as well as the imprints which he interpreted as being from the landing gear. On the 11th, the investigator discovered more flattened and discolored vegetation further back from the landing area, as well as broken bushes.

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