Maslin Beach Incident

Maslin Beach Incident

Date: March - 1993

Location: Maslin Beach, South Australia, Australia

Perhaps one of the more intriguing UFO sightings over water took place on Maslin Beach in Australia in 1993, not least because the witness managed to capture several photographs of the craft as proof of his sighting. Many people remain unconvinced by both the account and the pictures, but it is worth looking at.

Eric Thomason, enjoying the early morning sun of the Australian summer in March 1993, had something catch his attention.

From his position, he could see a huge object rising quietly out of the water, and head his way.

On its journey, a second object would also rise from the waters below in a spinning motion. It slowly made its way underneath the first craft and appeared to connect with it, the two objects becoming one.

Thomason continued to take as many pictures as he could before the craft shot off at high speed.

Twelve years later, while sitting on Tanjung Aru Beach in Malaysia at 7:00 a.m., George Matanjun and his wife would have a similar encounter. After dropping his daughter at school, Matanjun came to the beach to relax before it became busy later in the day.

Upon sitting they could see an odd movement to the water, as if something was moving towards Kota Kinabalu Airport. The ripple in the water soon gave way to a solid object that would rise upwards while maintaining its course. Matanjun would later state how silent the craft and the surrounding area had suddenly become.

They both followed the object until it had gone out of sight.

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