8 Huge Objects

8 Huge Objects

Date: July 3, 1947

Location: St. Maries, ID

This interesting report describes the landing, seen by a family of 10 in Northern Idaho, of 8 huge objects.

This report should have been among those in the Air Force files because it had been reported to intelligence officers from the Spokane Army Air Base, and an intensive air search was carried out by 2 missions of the National Guards 116th Fighter Group.

Local sheriffs deputies also made a ground search, but since no apparent trace of the objects was found, a report was probably never forwarded to Wright Field in Dayton.

According to these spokesmen, the investigation at Wright Field was continuing, in spite of what spokesmen in Washington were telling the press.

Within 24 hours after the release of these official statements, events would begin to take place that would leave everybody, civilians and military personnel alike, in a state closely approximating Ruppelt's description of a flap.

Reports of sightings, coming almost simultaneously from hundreds of bewildered citizens, were made to newspapers and police stations all over the country, and adjacent areas as well, from Southern California to New Brunswick, and from Louisiana to North Dakota.

People everywhere were experiencing the beginning of one of the most massive waves of UFO sightings on record.

Reports came from all kinds of observers, from picnickers and holiday crowds, from policemen and public officials, and from pilots, farmers, professional men, housewives, and bus drivers.

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