Deeply Scared By Sighting Of Invaders

Deeply Scared By Sighting Of Invaders

Date: June 10, 1964

Location: Mantova, Lombardy, Italy

This event took place in the first half of the 1960s. I was a kid, it deeply scared me causing me severe sleeping problems. I reported it to my parents ONLY.

It was a sunny summer day in the Italian town where I was raised, and I was playng ball in my grandparents garden, when I saw with the corner of my eyes somthing big flyng. I raised my eyes and I got stunned.

A discus shaped object was flyng with no audible sounds or lights. Attached under it had 3 tank like things, and the top was shaped as a tower with round things like windows or lights, NOT lighting.

The object flew slowly, not shaking and had a path. It disappeared behind a nearby house.

I immeditly recognised the object as an extraterrestrial flyng saucer as the Italian press called them. At that time the word UFO was NOT in use. They were called invaders and abductors, so I was terryfied since I tought they saw me.

I know the object was seen by other in town and photographed in the local paper, with no description. I never more saw anything like that or other UFO's.

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