I Heard A Low Humming Deep Sound

I Heard A Low Humming Deep Sound

June 27, 1963

Location: Mansfield, CT

It was dark, and my sister and I heard a low humming deep sound.

She was 8, I was 6.

This wasn't our first time hearing the humming low roar soft sound.

My mother said to ignore it, but we insisted on her to open the door, to prove to her, again, what was/is out there.

When she opened the door, she fell with astonishment, against the the door.

See, I said, I was calm, but my sister wasn't.

They hovered over the roof, no wind, but a low rumble noise, huge light, underneath.

It dropped off 2 people in the neigberhood. one adult, and one teenager.

Both on either side of subdivision.

He cried out, asking where am I?

She screamed, running towards her house.

My mother walked him home, my sister and I knew they'll be back, again.

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