Saucer Shaped Object Moved North To South Above Street

Saucer Shaped Object Moved North To South Above Street

Date: October 15, 1954

Location: Manistee, MI

The craft was on a course of North to South, Moon was to the East and clearly visible.

Craft was very similar to the one Bob Lazar spoke about.

Craft was a yellowish white in color, no flashing lights, there was no sound at all, however it did make my hair slightly stand up.

I was walking up the hill on Pine St, about half way up, something made me turn and look to the North, the street is around 25' wide, and the crafts diameter was wider than the street.

The craft was approximately 250' over my head, my estimation of speed would be around 700 MPH.

Since then I spent 39 years in the military, I know aircraft when I see them, this craft was a saucer.

I saw no windows, no humanoids.

Never talked much about it, and not at all for about 25 years, I have had two other encounters since that time.

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