Strange Little Entity

Strange Little Entity

Date: 1930

Location: Mandurah, Western Australia

A strange little entity surprisingly appeared at night in the ancestral home of Beryl Hickey.

A small entity 3' tall, bald, pinkish in color with big ears, a wide mouth slit without lips, bulging eyes covered with some sort of film, glistening skin as if it were greased, with small hands and small feet roses trained like those of a baby, about 20" high.

His father, who was very Christian, thought it was the devil and threw a net on that creature, then dragged it outside.

She began to cry like a mouse.

It was forbidden to talk about this event to anyone, but it sounds however secret, confided to a friend.

In looking back, it reminded him the movie ET.

Small humanoids return to a farm in Mandurah and require the water. Farmer terrified shot in gunfire.

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