Strange UFO Observed

Strange UFO Observed

Date: July 16, 1975

Location: Manchester, England

On a summers day, it was 1975 about 6:30 p.m., a nice sunny day. I was driving a lorry with my brother- in-law along side me, we were traveling at about 65 mph just chatting away when in the corner of my eye I saw a red/white object along side us, about 40' to 50' away with some trees in between.

It stayed with us at the same hight for about 30 seconds, which then turned flew across us to the other side of the motor way dropped down out of sight for about 15 seconds.and then came up along side us again, now on my drivers side.

At this time we both looked at each other with the hairs standing up on our necks and said to each other what the f*** was that?

This thing craft what ever it was had no wings no windows no doors and no sound coming from it. Our windows were down at this time as the weather was so nice.

At this time the craft then moved across towards us about 40' to 50' in the air and about 60' in front of us at the most, and what happend now was totaly amazing.

It left us as if we were traveling the other way, I've never seen anything move so quick in all my life.

Don't forget this is a nice sunny day as far as we could see which was the horizon this craft vanished in about 3 secounds, and what I found was amazing was we were still traveling at the same speed in a straight line which this must have took about three minutes, which seemed like hours.

I am now 51 yrs old and apart from friends/family I have never told any one else be cause I dont think any one would ever beleive us.

Being this craft was so close to us,

Signed: John W.

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