West Malling Incident

West Malling Incident

Date: November 3, 1953

Location: Kent, England

Terry Johnson & Geoffrey Smythe in an RAF de Havilland Vampire saw a UFO over RAF West Malling.

The year is 1953, the place, RAF West Malling which is a Royal Air Force Base in Kent, England.

A Royal Air Force de Havilland Vampire was approached by a large UFO at 20,000'.

At about 10:00 a.m., RAF Officer T.S. Johnson and his navigator, G. Smythe, were flying a de Havilland Vampire at 20,000' near their base in Kent.

At this time they witnessed a star like stationary light at a much higher altitude than they were at.

Just then the object moved towards them at tremendous speed.

The object was circular and was emitting a very bright light around its periphery.

The sighting only lasted 30 seconds in all.

It is unknown where the UFO went to next.

Both officers made a report and were interrogated for over 2 hours by RAF Intelligence.

The final report of the incident was an experimental balloon.

Apparently those experienced pilots could not tell the difference between a balloon and a moving object.

Also the British had some awesome balloons that could descend and maneuver at tremendous speeds.

This is an obvious lie that you will see repeated over and over again.

When all else fails, use the old weather balloon story.

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