2 Balls of Light

2 Balls of Light

Date: January 24, 1998

Location: San Jose de Maipo, Chile

Sergio Rojas and 4 friends drove out to Tranque Alfalfal dam in El Cajon del Maipo about 25 miles Southwest of Santiago.

On their way up the mountain to the dam, they saw 2 balls of light pass over them at a very high speed.

After a few seconds, they saw a third one, but it was travelling much slower.

Arriving at the dam,Sergio reported that he and his friends left the car and walked to the cliff's edge.

From here they could see the Rio Maipo 300' below.

Then the 4 saw a cigar/egg shaped UFO about 50' long coming up the river.

It was a bright white color. They heard a very high pitched tone that clogged their ears for a while.

As the UFO flew by, the group found themselves covered by a strange mist, hot and cold at the same time.

They hurried back to the car and drove down the mountain. On their way to San Jose de Maipo, they encountered a UFO that was hovering about 2,500' from them. They stopped the car and got out. The UFO looked like the Moon but was slightly smaller and was white colored.

After 5 minutes of observation, the UFO faded away like a cloud or smoke.

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