Road Trip Home

Road Trip Home

Date: Late 1980's

Location: Maerdy, South Wales

I was in the car with my parents and sister travelling home from my grandparents.

We travelled up from Ferndale to head over the mountain back to Aberdare, it was about 9:00 p.m., and it was dark with no clouds in the sky.

Like clockwork we made the same journey every Sunday.

We dropped down the hill in Maerdy towards the mountain road, at the time the bridge over the river was being strengthened so we had to stop for some temporary traffic lights.

Whilst we sat there, my dad looked out of the driver side window down the valley back towards Ferndale, he told us to look at those lights.

So we all looked and saw what looked to be like 2 car lights above the mountain they were stationary at first but within a few seconds started to move along the mountain line in our direction.

Instantly my dad tried to make sense of it and said that it was probably a helicopter checking cables.

With that, the traffic lights changed to green so we headed up the mountain, I heard my mother tell my dad to slow down, he said we might see what ever it was when we got to the top so he kept his foot down.

We got to the last right hand bend just before the carpark on the right, there is this small peak there, we pulled over and with that, for some reason both my Dad and I without speaking just got out of the car.

By now my sister was screaming and my mother was telling us to get back in.

We both just stood the in a trance within a few seconds the 2 lights ascended over the peak and kept moving towards us.

There was absolutely no sound at all.

The object which I still fail to describe in detail came over the top of us and was travelling West.

I can recall looking directly above me and seeing a mass that reminds me of the size of a football field.

The object passed over us and just disappeared.

We got back in the car and drove home.

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