Telephone Switchboard Operators Sighting

Telephone Switchboard Operators Sighting

Date: December 28, 1957

Location: Madison, WI

My mother and I worked as telephone switchboard operators at a local hotel.

I was in college, we worked from 4:00 p.m.- midnight.

I went and got the car and pulled to the front of the hotel to pick her up.

I looked at the Capitol all decked out in Christmas lights and as I was sitting there, a large fuchsia/pink cigar shaped object slowly flew over the building.

My mom got in the car, I showed her and the chase was on.

We followed it as did police cars and other people on State street to University Avenue.

We had the windows down to listen if Truax Military Base was scrambling jets.

We could hear the planes but they didn't take off.

We continued out of the city out to my aunts house horn blasting they ran out, and we just stood there in awe, watching.

The police stopped chasing and then we heard the the jets take off from across Lake Mendota and then they chased until out of sight.

I called Truax field, the phone lines were jammed.

When I did get through, the operator first said they had scrambled to chase then they said they said they didn't know what i was talking about.

Typical big brother.

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