Half Spherical Object

Half Spherical Object

Date: June 24, 1956

Location: Madera, CA

I was a youngster across the street from my home and in the backyard.

One of the 2 brothers I was playing ball with called to us to look up and see this strange object.

It was basically a half sphere, like a ball that was cut in half, red/brown in color.

There were 3 specific indications on the side of the craft that best resembled port holes on the side for observation.

I have drawn a number of sketches of the object over the years.

I glided across the but it seemed fairly close to our neighborhood coming from the North and moving South toward the direction of the City of Fresno.

There was no noise or exhaust.

The sky was clear and with brilliant sunlight.

It was summer time, I will never forget it.

One of my friends ran inside his house to get a small telescope he had.

We watched it moving and then ran out in the front yard until it went out of sight.

I do not know if any of the 2 brothers are still living, I have not ! seen them for many years.

We talked about it several times in the past as we grew up.

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