Balloon Like Object With Rapid Acceleration

Balloon Like Object With Rapid Acceleration

Date: January 10, 1950

Location: Las Vegas Air Force Base - Las Vegas, NV - later renamed Nellis AFB

Civilian pilots, father & son, observed 2 F-80 jet fighters approaching for landing at elevation angle of about 45° into the sun, in the southeast at about 21° elevation 141° azimuth, and saw an object at an altitude of approximately 1,500' to 2,000', about 25' to 30' in size.

Object appeared pure silver, round like a balloon. AFOSI found no balloons launched, and solid material like a metal, with no external fittings, air ducts, antenna, supports, or exhaust trail, seeming no noise audible above that of an F-80.

Direction of flight was northnortheast with no tactical movement, or maneuver, motion was smooth, at first slow and then a very rapid acceleration in a horizontal ascent, disappearing over mountains to the East.

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