Bright Object - Very High Speed

Bright Object - Very High Speed

Date: August 20, 1972

Location: Clark AFB, Luzon Island, Philippines

A friend an I were walking across a field heading to the on base movie theater.

It was a clear night.

As we were walking a bright round object heading towards our direction.

Without looking at a map I cannot give a course heading.

Anybody familiar with the base, we were coming from the enlisted housing development on the hill next to the golf course and the object was coming towards us.

The mountains being to the left and airfield on the right.

The object was probably at an altitude of 1,500' and moving at a rate of speed that I have never seen before.

I been around military air bases my whole life.

I currently work at an Air Force base on the flight line and see our fighter jets all the time.

The object came to a complete stop and then headed in a 90º angle to the left and headed out over the mountains slightly climbing and moving at an incredible rate of speed and out of sight.

As soon as it was out of sight I started to to eliminate any possibilities like a search light, signal flare, military aircraft, shooting star.

Also there was no sound at all.

My friend and I looked at each other and said what in the Hell was that?

We both ran all the way to the post theater.

Even to this day I cannot give you an explanation as to what the 2 of us saw that night.

All I know is that this object moved at a speed that I have only seen in the movies and that it came to a complete stop, and moved in another direction and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

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