Event in Area of Lutterbeck, Germany

Event in Area of Lutterbeck, Germany

Date: April 3, 1998

Location: In the Area of Lutterbeck, Germany

Hello! We are searching for anyone who was a witness of the following story that happened to my wife and me in the evening of April 3, 1998, or anyone who has ever seen something like this.

It was on the road between the villages in Germany, Moringen, Lutterbeck, Fredelsloh, approximately 60 miles South of Hannover 9:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m..

It was dark and cloudy, no moon, no stars, when we were driving by car through the village named Fredelsloh. When my wife glanced at the sky out of the side window she saw something dark covering the sky over our car.

I drove the car and watched the road, so I saw at this time nothing.

A minute later a big rotating object flew down the hill over the meadow and crossed the road just over our car. We only saw the the lights which were in 2 concentric circles, about 10 in the outer, 7 in the inner circle. The diameter was about 150'. There were no colored lights, all lights were white and as bright as the headlights of a car.

The rotation speed was about 1½ rotations per second, so it wasn't easy to watch a single light. The diameter of one light was about 18". The object flew at a height of 30' to 60' over the fields to a wood. It turned by changing its inclination just like an airplane or helicopter has to do flying a curve.

It quickly returned back to the road to stop beside our car and fly with the same speed, 60 mph. It lifted up changing its inclination to me so I could see its amazing size. 2 seconds later it flew over the car to the other side turned with the same movement to flyover the car again. This repeated 5 or 6 times on our way. Okay, this wasn't all but should be enough.

There was no sound or noise, except the motor of the car. There was no smell. The radio was turned off.

The maximum speed of the object was about 400-300 mph. The observed acceleration 2G to 3G. (l know my speed 60 mph, know the points where the object crossed the road and the distance between these points and I calculated the rest.

It's impossible that this was a projection on the cloudy sky. When I look out of the side window I can't see the sky only the hill. We met 3 other cars, did they see the same?

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