Large Black Silhouette

Large Black Silhouette

Date: August 8, 1957

Location: Ludlow, MA

A large black silhouette tapered on both ends with a bluish white light flashing intermittently on one end.

I was 9 years old and loved astronomy so I would sneak out of bed late at night to look out of my bedroom window.

In the distance was a hill, then beyond that a valley with a river and then the town of Indian Orchard.

The lights from that town showed a silhouette of a very large, a couple of hundred feet, black cigar shaped object slowly traveling from left to right with a light at the right end that flashed blue & white now and then.

It stopped then slowly went down behind the hill but I never saw it again.

I read in the paper that the Ludlow police also saw the same object and would love to find that report to verify my memory of the exact dates involved.

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