Lubbock Lights

Lubbock Lights

Date: August 25, 1951

Location: Lubbock, TX

One of the most impressive UFO sightings ever, took place in the town of Lubbock, TX, in August/September of 1951. The sightings were photographed and reported by hundreds of eyewitnesses, many of whom claimed to be able to make out a wing like outline of a craft that was flying overhead. The first reported sighting took place on August 25th by an employee of the Atomic Energy Commission in Alberquerque, NM. Both he and his wife stated they had seen a huge object with bluish lights on its rear edge pass overhead. The lights seemed to be about 800' overhead, and the pair could make out the v-wing shape of the craft. That same evening, several college professors sitting on a porch in Lubbock noticed a semi circular formation of lights move quickly across the sky. Several hours later, the lights suddenly appeared again, this time glowing with a bluish color.

Another Lubbock resident claimed to have seen the same lights on the same evening, clearly being able to make out once again the same v-wing shaped object with bluish lights on the rear or trailing edge. The sighting was identical to the earlier Alberquerque sighting, and was reported only minutes after the latter was, so it is highly unlikely the eye witness had any prior knowledge of it. Over the following two weeks, hundreds of people saw the fast moving lights in and around the town of Lubbock. Most of the witnesses agreed that they first noticed the lights appear at about 45° above the horizon, pass over and disappear at about the same angle. Many of the observers could offer no rational explanation for what they were seeing, including those with extensive experience of the night sky and atmospheric phenomena.

On the evening of August 31st amateur photographer Carl Hart Jr. managed to capture the nocturnal lights on film. He took 5 pictures in all, the best being published in the local newspaper. The lights were clearly in the formation that had been reported, tracing the outline of a v-wing shaped object. The Air Force conducted a thorough investigation into the sightings and the photographs, but never reached a satisfactory conclusion, which as we know really means they were unable to debunk the sightings. The shots taken by Carl Hart Jr. were completely examined, as well as the negatives, and were found to be untampered with. To date, the Lubbock Lights sightings remain one of the best documented unexplained ufo sightings in history.

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