Air Force Light Plane Encounters Object

Air Force Light Plane Encounters Object

Date: January 7, 1948

Location: Louisville, KY

The control tower at Godman AFB was contacted by the Kentucky State Highway Patrol inquiring about a curious aircraft reported by inhabitants of Maysville, a village about 18 miles to the East.

Having no information, Godman called Wright-Patterson AFB.

But the men at the base had nothing to contribute.

The police called in with new reports less than 30 minutes later.

Owensboro and Irvington to the West were giving accounts of a craft circular, about 250' to 300' in diameter traveling in a general Louisville direction at a pretty good clip.

Godman's Flight Service still found no record of any such aerial operation.

Since the unknown had passed North of the base, they scanned that area in case it should return.

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