3 Very Low Objects Seen

3 Very Low Objects Seen

Date: September 5, 1957

Location: Los Gatos, CA

3 craft seen in daylight, very low altitude and as clear in detail and color as a car on the road.

The 3 ships my wife and I saw were disk shaped and slightly concave on the bottom side.

On the top side there was a definite cabin, with round port holes around the outer edge.

There was a pole/knob at the center bottom.

The ships were glowing from within and were an all over color like that of a bluish florescent lamp.

The sighting took place in late daylight and the crafts were flying in a canyon, so we could see the hills behind them, so the altitude could be gauged some what.

My guess would be they were flying at less than 200' altitude.

All 3 ships looked as though they were sailing on a slightly wavy sea and were graceful in flight, with out a whisper of sound.

They were moving very slowly, at a rate of 10 to 15 mph.

Following each other, each one very briefly paused, just slightly West of our position, nearly overhead.

When they took off, they traveled from East to West, at approximately a 45° angle from the horizon, gaining altitude at an amazing rate of speed.

From our view point, they appeared to be 35' in diameter and when they took off, they diminished to a speck in a second or less.

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