Saw A Red Glowing Disk

Saw A Red Glowing Disk

July 1, 1954

Location: Los Angeles, CA

I saw a red glowing disk traveling thousands of mph straight over the Los Angeles night sky.

I was 11 years old in 1947 and lived in South central Los Angeles at the time of the flying saucer sighting.

It was nighttime and my friend and I saw a red glowing disk traveling at enormous speeds, southeast to northwest over Los Angeles.

The saucer was very high in a super clear night sky.

I'm a college graduate and worked for Lockheed Martin Corp. for 39 years and retired 3 years ago.

I'm 69, and an amateur astronomer and I am familiar with the night sky, stars and planets.

I would call myself a trained observer, having lived near airports and now near Cape Canaveral, Florida where rockets commonly take off.

I was also in the Air Force with the Hayward National Guard in California.

My point is that I know what I am looking at and can judge speed and altitude as well as identify night time objects in the sky.

I have always described the flying saucer I saw as a looking like a round, red Ford taillight of the 1950s traveling at an altitude above 30,000' and probably much higher, 70,000' or more.

So, I estimate the flying saucer was at least twice the size of a modern airliner at 30,000', bigger if it was higher.

The glowing red saucer appeared to be a perfect disk, not a ball, and had no other features.

As I say, the speed of the round red disk was enormous flying horizon to horizon in less than 20 seconds at an extremely high altitude.

Plastered against the roof, one of the best night skies I have ever seen which is why my friend and I were looking up at the time.

We caught site of the glowing red disk about 30° above the horizon to the southeast and watched it disappear to the northwest.

My date of the sighting is approximate as to month and time, but I'm pretty sure it was 1954 judging by the events going on in my life at the time.

It was a warm summer evening, and I was taking my friend home on the handle bars of my bicycle.

At the time as we were marveling at the clarity of the night sky and the stars.

The reason that I believe it was a flying saucer, is because no aircraft of the times in 1954 or now could even begin to match the speeds of this object.

This disk left no trail like a fireball or meteor which I have also seen.

It just zipped across the Los Angeles night sky in a straight line, horizon to horizon in a matter of seconds, never losing its circular shape or losing speed or altitude.

It left no trail or emitted any sound.

If I was going to guess at the speed and altitude of the saucer I saw, I would say it was flying at 70,000' or more at speeds of tens of thousands of miles per hour.

This was not a common sight in 1954 or even now with our rockets and satellites which I am also very familiar with having worked for Lockheed Corp. and living now near Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Nothing in our arsenal of jets and rockets flies anywhere near as fast the saucer I saw that summer night in 1954.

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