While At My Grandmother's House

While At My Grandmother's House

Date: February 15, 1951

Location: Los Angeles, CA

I was only 8 years old but I remember it clearly.

While at my grandmother's house, my mother sent me to our car to get a sweater for her.

It was in the trunk.

While opening the lid, I got the feeling that I was being watched.

I looked all around, but saw nothing alarming.

I got the sweater then looked up for some reason, and I saw a round object at about 1,500'.

I watched it for about 2 minutes.

It just hovered there, right over my head, not moving.

Then it shot up at an extreemly high speed and in less than a second was almost out of sight.

It was round.

It had a cone like shaped bottom, with what looked like about 6 rings around the cone.

I remember some movement at the outer edge of the airframe.

When I got back to my mother with the sweater, I told her what I had seen, and I got spanked for taking an hour to get her sweater.

I would have to bet my life I was only gone 5 minutes.

I have no recolection of those other 55 minutes.

My friend at that time was the other witness to the event, and he had no time loss at all.

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