4 Crescent Shaped Objects

4 Crescent Shaped Objects

Date: August 17, 1960

Location: Terminal Island, Long Beach, CA

I was working the swing shift as a ship fitter at the Long Beach Naval Shipyard.

At lunch time, 8:30 hours p.m., most of us ship fitters and welders would go to our main shop, Building 128, for lunch, card playing, naps or whatever we could do in only half an hour.

This was the week after Echo I had been launched and was scheduled to be visible over the Los Angeles area.

I think it was Tuesday the 16th when lunch ended and one of the welders called for us out to the South side of the shop to watch Echo I pass overhead.

It was a very clear night and was easily seen as a silver dot, about the size of a pencil lead held at arm's length.

It's orbit from West to East was easily tracked and we all felt thankful to have had an opportunity to see it on one of the few nights it would be seen in our area.

The next night there were scattered clouds and as I left the shop building after lunch and walked toward dry dock 2 I looked up at the clouds and thought to myself, much too cloudy to see Echo tonight.

Then from above the clouds on a southerly course I saw 4 crescent shaped objects flying in a reverse V formation.

Being crescent shaped and not too long after sunset I first surmised it was the Sun, now over our horizon, that was reflecting off of some type of aircraft like the Vought V-173 Flying Pancake.

I could only see them for about 4 or 5 seconds before they disappeared above another cloud.

I tried to listen for a sound of aircraft engines but heard nothing except for the leaking air from low pressure air manifolds down in the dry dock.

If they were the Vought aircraft, I would certainly have heard their twin propeller engines.

I checked my glasses for dust, backed up and stepped forward again to see if they were a reflection of something on the ground off my glasses.

I did this for a few minutes without being able to duplicate the apparent sighting.

In size, and if circular or saucer shaped with the reflecting Sun on their West edges, they would be the size of a pencil eraser held at arm's length, as opposed to a pencil lead in my description of Echo I.

Because I transferred over to the Design Division 4 years later and eventually was the structural configuration manager of the 1980s reactivation of the Iowa Class Battleships I kept the story to myself, except with friends who like stories like that.

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