Aircraft In Vicinity Or Aircraft Chasing Object II

Aircraft In Vicinity Or Aircraft Chasing Object II

Date: June 1, 1952

Location: West Lothian, Linlithgow, Scotland

It was about my lunch time, I looked up to see the town clock.

As I passed the clock tower, almost dircetly overhead I observed a flying disk.

Circular, shining like stainless steel.

I could not be certain, the outter rim may have been revolving.

It was a bright sunny day with just a few low clouds.

The object appeared to be coming lower about the size of a full Moon.

I could hear no sound coming from the object, unlike an aircraft.

As it came lower it enetered a cloud.

I stood for ages it seemed, but I did not see this object reemerge from the cloud.

I reported this to someone who was connected with the Royal Air Force, they contacted the Ministry of Defence in London, who sent a form.

With this officers help I filled in this form, and it was returned to London.

To this present day I have heard nothing more on my sighting.

But I still remember this incident as if it were yesterday.

Some years later in the 1970s near here, a forrester had a contact encounter with a flying object.

Which was reported widely in the Edinburgh Press.

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