He Told Her Not To Be Afraid

He Told Her Not To Be Afraid

Date: Fall - 1948

Location: Lineville AL

The witness, a woman who wishes to remain anonymous, was drawing water from a well when an object, a round, luminous ball, landed in an adjacent cornfield.

2 longhaired, bearded men got out, wearing long robes with a sash around the middle, and one of them came up and spoke to her in accented English.

He told her not to be afraid, and assured her she would not be harmed if she would cooperate and answer some simple questions.

After about half an hours conversation, she fled into the house, where the second humanoid was standing in the doorway, they left, and she saw the UFO ascend.

In the cornfield was a flattened and scorched area.

The witness only spoke of the incident when forced to do so.

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