Very Large Saucer Shaped Object Seen In Field

Very Large Saucer Shaped Object Seen In Field

Date: July 15, 1970

Location: Near Lincoln, East Midlands, England

I was attending a music festival near Lincoln England in 1970. I Met someone I vaguely knew from London who convinced me to come with him to a field close to the festival site to see something.

We passed through one field to another where I saw a very large saucer shaped object.

One moment I was standing in the field next to this person looking up at this object. The next thing I remember I was inside what looked like a surgical theatre on a bed or trolley unable to move or react being examined by unfamiliar beings who appeared to be carrying out what looked like surgical or medical procedures.

Later I found myself back in another field near the festival site feeling completely disorientated. The festival was over so I made my way back to London.

Much later I developed a cyst on the back of my neck which seemed to be infected. Eventually it settled down and I was left with a small lump on the back of my neck which is still there.

There were also 2 symetrical marks on my abdomen near the spleen which now look like moles. At the time i did not think much of this nor associate it with what happened at the field. However I have decided to have these investigated out by my doctor.

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