Copper Colored UFO Seen

Copper Colored UFO Seen

Date: Labor Day Weekend 1967

Location: Between Lillooet & Lytton, British Columbia, Canada

My buddy, Wayne, and I were on our last big adventure to end the summer before heading back to High School in Surrey. We headed home by way of the Fraser Canyon. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and we were second in a convoy of four cars heading south down the wide dusty road.

Off in the distance I spotted what I took to be an airplane flying towards us, off to the left, about 75' or 100' above the telephone lines. As it got closer I saw that it wasn't a plane at all, but a disk shaped craft. It was copper in color and had a ridged section coming down below the main body. There was a soft red glow coming from all around this section. I would estimate the diameter to have been no more than 100'. I watched it come up the road and past us and continue north until it was out of sight. Not one of the four cars stopped.

Wayne & I continued in silence. We hadn't said one word to each other. Finally, after who knows how long, I said:

Did you see what I saw?

His only reply was: Yep.

I said:

Nobody's going to believe us.

He said: Nope.

We never discussed it again. I haven't seen him in probably thirty years, but he was badly injured when he hit a moose probably 20 years ago and his sister has told me since that he probably doesn't even remember me anymore, let alone that incident.

I didn't tell anyone about this for a long time, but one day, probably in 1986 or 1987, I read a story in the Vancouver Sun which was very similar to what I remember. I wish I had saved it, or at least contacted the person the story was about, but I didn't.

All I know is that I saw a UFO of some sort, in broad daylight, and so did a number of other people. It was a flying machine, as plain to me as a Piper Cub would have been. I sure wish I could see another one.

He later added:

Attached is a sketch which is to the best of my recollection. Of course, we all know that time and age can change memories, but this is pretty close, even though I'm not much of an artist. The one thing I have revised about my story is the diameter. It couldn't have been 100', because the distance above the ground was more than the diameter of the craft. Therefore I would estimate it at between 50' and 60'.

There really was nothing much else out of the ordinary about the UFO, as compared to other pictures I've seen, and I've questioned my memory many times because of that. However, as many times as I doubt myself, in my heart I know that this is what I saw. And what I saw was real.

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