I Saw a Circular UFO with Lights

I Saw a Circular UFO with Lights

Date: November 15, 1997

Location: Liberty Homes Near Charleston, SC

I saw a circular object with lights going around the middle of it.

I was about 5 or 6 years old and it was around lunch because my mother was making a egg salad sandwich.

I was on the front porch eating a Kool Aid pack with my fingers when I looked up and saw a circular object with orange lights blinking.

The lights were around the middle. It was stationary and never moved from the position it was in.

But thinking this was something I never saw before wanted to show my mother, I called her and she came out. She looked up but couldn't see it and as I pointed up to show her where it was it just disappeared.

She went back in to finish lunch. I was surprised that it was gone and then started to feel sick to my stomach. Thinking it was the Kool Aid I threw it down and then started to feel dizzy so went to bed.

That night my parents had to take me to the emergency room because I had hemoraged all over my pillow. The emergency room doctors said my tonsils had ruptured. I was spitting up chunks of blood.

I remember thinking that the doctor was dumb because at the time I thought it was really the Kool Aid.

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