Southaven Park UFO Crash

Southaven Park UFO Crash

Date: November 24, 1992

Location: Shirley, NY

The actual crash occurred at 7:00 p.m. on Nov. 24th, 1992. A man was driving east on Sunrise Highway heading toward WIlliam Floyd Parkway. There was a patch of trees separating Sunrise from Montauk Hwy. To the south of Sunrise he saw a large craft that he describes as, tubular in shape with two large bright blue lights on each end with a bright white light in its center whose structure was composed of a dull metallic grey texture. He saw the object make a very tight right angle, cross the highway, and crash into the woods of Southaven Park. When it hit, the object emitted a dazzlingly white beam that was said to turn night to day for a moment.

The same man turned and came back on the other side of Sunrise to backtrack and find the source of the crash. He saw helicopters near the exit to William Floyd Parkway. Neither the helicopters or the personnel that came to block off the westbound exit to William Floyd bore any markings or insignia and the men were dressed in plain black. He went west on Victory which was closed off later, and reached the 2nd turn on Gerard Ave. This street and its neighbors would soon report all manner of electrical glitches, phone ringing with no one there, and TV static. At this time though he could see a huge fire back in the woods.

At the same time, someone also driving east on Sunrise saw an oval shaped object fly over the town dump hill, on a descending course 30° to the horizon which was leaving a green ionization trail as it passed. Could this have been part of its crash trajectory? The oval craft, or one like it may have been scouting out the local area because there was an incident reported over Islip Town which were seen on the Channel 12 News in March 1992 at the Bagatelle Road Exit of the Long Island Expressway.

Some say even now that there are areas of Southaven that have the trees bent as if almost torn out of the ground at some point in their growth.

Eyewitness accounts have confirmed that a fire was reported immediately after, in addition, the roads around the park were blocked off to travel by county and park police. The next day, and for a few days after, the park was closed to the public.

One local resident who lives near the park said that for a 5 to 6 day period after the incident, his house experienced numerous power surges and the phone would ring strangely without anyone on the other end.

I ride horses in the park, so I'm pretty familiar with the activities there, said the 45 year old man who requested anonymity because of the sensitive nature of his job, they would fire me if they thought I believed in flying saucers. For the next few days there were a lot of military helicopters going over the park, and I couldn't get in.

Records show that Southaven Park was closed between November 25 and 28. According to park officials, the park was closed to the general public that week because it was reserved for duck hunting. Although some of the area fire departments were initially called, they were turned back and the fire was handled by the federally controlled Brookhaven National Laboratory Fire Department.

After a week of being closed and investigators were allowed back in, they found an area that was burned out and some trees were bent over. One section looked like it had been plowed over by machinery. But two things were of particular interest to the investigators, they were getting a higher than normal radiation reading in the area, higher than regular background radiation, and the fence line in that area, had no magnetic reading. It was explained that metal fences maintain a magnetic charge from the Earth, something had stripped away the magnetic charge of the fence.

Over time a poor quality video of the event turned up, a copy of which was given to South Shore Press, shows people examining a bright reddish, metallic type object about 4' square, that appears to be emitting a white, cloudy gas, and a hissing sound can be heard, a sight and sound that resembles dry ice that has been exposed to warmer temperatures. The next shot shows what appears to be a person trying to lift up a body near a tree, but the poor quality of the film makes positive identification impossible. In a final scene, three uniformed men, wearing dark jackets and rounded caps similar to federal swat teams, are seen placing a large shiny spread, similar to mylar, over something on the ground.

Another witness describes the following:

And reported that he was driving East bound on Sunrise Highway while returning home from work around 7:00 p.m. that evening when he noticed to the South of the highway over trees which separates Sunrise from Montauk Highway an unusual object which he described as tubular in shape, with two large bright blue lights on each end with a bright white light in its center whose structure was composed of a dull metallic grey texture, to immediately execute a right angle turn and tumble end over end into woods to the North side of the highway. He pulled over to the right shoulder and exited his vehicle in time to see the object impact to the North West. Upon impact, the object emitted a powerful white beam of light which shot up into the sky and turned the night sky into daylight. As several other motorists joined him, reported the light to subside into an amber glow which indicated a fire in progress in the wooded area.

He proceeded to leave the area convinced he had seen a UFO crash. As he neared the exit for William Floyd Parkway, exit 56, he reported observing a formation of four large military helicopters on a course from the South East headed for the impact zone over South Haven Park, these helicopters which were painted black with no visible markings arrived within minutes of the object's crash. He stated that there was a military roadblock on William Floyd parkway with civilian traffic being detoured from proceeding West onto Sunrise Highway. He noticed that the military personnel were dressed in black jump suits and the vehicles showed no markings. The side streets of Beatrice, Dawn and Sunset were blocked by additional military personnel. At one point 5 New York State Police cars were turned back from entering the area, even though the State Police at the West Hampton Barracks deny this event, a confidential source from that unit has convirmed the story

He was able at this point to travel West on Victory Blvd., which was later blacked off at 7:35 p.m. which was confirmed by a young mother of two who was denied use of East bound travel on that road, and traveled up Gerard Road to the second bend in the road where he found a large fire in progress some 300 yards back in the woods which was burning fiercely with a strong odor of burnt insulation in the air, could see the flames licking the top of trees in the confines of the park.

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