While Dad Was Pricing a Canoe

While Dad Was Pricing a Canoe

Date: June 14, 1962

Location: Lempster, NH

My father stopped to look for a canoe, on a road to Rands Pond, he went in to talk to the man about the price of the canoe.

While we were waiting, my mother and I were watching a star or what seamed to be shimmering in the sky.

I said to my mother that it seemed to be moving and she said that stars seem like that.

Then I said it is getting closer and my mother said yes it is.

It came from a pinpoint of light dancing in the sky to unbeleveable light, lighting up the whole field it seemed to get as low as the tree tops and seemed to be as large as the field.

I asked my mother what is this and she said:

I don't know.

I jumped out of the truck and ran toward it, she screemed at me Stop, and I did.

I slipped on the grass. then the light got so bright it was difficult to look at it.

I ran back to the truck. and it went from huge to a pinpoint of light and shot out of sight.

When my father came out and we told him, he said:

Impossible, I was not gone that long.

I just akked him how much the canoe was,they were inside.

This is my true story, my mother was there and so was I.

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