Paralysed In Awe Over UFO

Paralysed In Awe Over UFO

Location: United Kingdom

I'm a college lecturer and as I don't wish to commit social suicide, I'll not give my name.

It was late November last year and I had just got home from college. It was already dusk and as my mother prepared to draw the curtains, she drew my attention to something she could see in the darkening sky.

I looked out through the window and saw this extraordinary craft just hanging there, low in the sky, motionless and completely silent.

It was huge. I mean, it must have been about 100' long. It was cylindrically shaped, but rounded at the ends.

There were portholes along its entire length, and I could see figures in silver suits moving about inside.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I wanted to cry out but couldn't. I mean, I literally could not speak or move. Neither of us could. It was just as if we were paralysed. We just stood there, watching this thing as it glided slowly across the sky.

Then suddenly it was gone. It did not just move off at tremendous speed, I'm certain of that - it just vanished into thin air.

And another strange thing was that we seemed to be watching it for only a few minutes or so, yet when I looked at my watch afterwards, I found that a whole hour had gone by.

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