High Flying Real Estate

High Flying Real Estate

Date: January - 2000

Location: Lebanon, IL

Shortly after 4:00 a.m. one morning in January 2000, Ed Barton, a police officer in Lebanon, Illinois, heard a dispatch about a strange UFO sighting at a neighboring police station.

He looked up and saw the object for himself, 2 extraordinarily bright lights that seemed to merge into one even brighter light.

He sped off in the object's direction until it was almost overhead, he ballparked its altitude somewhere between 1,000' and 1,500'.

It was triangular, with a light on each corner and many more along one end.

The object abruptly shot through the sky so fast that Barton concluded it couldn't possibly have been created by humans.

Other Illinois residents witnessed it, too.

A Millstadt police officer named Craig Stevens thought it was between 1 and 2 stories tall, and perhaps 3 stories long.

Highland resident Melvern Noll also likened it to a house.

There were big windows, about 2½' wide and 5' or 6' high, 2 stories, one on top of each other, he told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in 2010.

I still believe it was something from another planet.

Though a spokesman for the nearby Scott Air Force Base is said to have claimed that the base's radar had been shut off at the time and nobody had seen the UFO, other reports allege that the government was involved.

The NUFORC received one report from a highly reliable source who said the Air National Guard jets may have been scrambled to take a look at the object, and several other people even told the NUFORC that federal government employees visited police departments and citizen witnesses to ask that they curtail all their statements to the press.

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