I Still Swear it was a UFO

I Still Swear it was a UFO

Mid Winter - 1979/1980

Location: La Vista, NE

I was in 7th or 8th grade at the time, Myself and 2 friends were walking together to school, for early morning basketball practice at about 5:30. It was mid-winter, cold, but calm and quiet out.

As we were walking, we all saw a large, round, bluish green object in the sky. as it got closer to the ground, we could hear nothing and the size did not get smaller.

The object appeared to land or crash, because we never saw it go back up. We also stood there shocked and talked about no noise on impact, if it did land.

As we continued to walk and discus this, we heard a noise, it turned out to be another player, on our team running up to us. He said he saw it and was freaked out about it.

We talked about it to our coach and other players and they just laughed at us, dismissing the whole thing.

To this day I recall the whole episode and even remember, where I was as I still live in the neighborhood.

I still swear it was a UFO , but haven't seen or heard of anything that resembles my sighting.

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